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Summer Fashion Tips

July 29, 2011

Last time we blogged about style, it was wintertime. With a summer so hot, we can’t miss the opportunity to feature our tips on how to dress fashionably for the bright days ahead.

1. The scarf. Yes, a scarf in the summer. Only this one’s lightweight, and it can really elevate any outfit. Don’t just tie it around your neck, either. Use it as a belt, around your wrist, or even around your purse handle for a bit of European flair and colour.

the yellow scarf affair

2. Spectator shoes. Classy, sexy, and playful at the same time. What other shoes can you say that about?

April, Rockwood Musichall

3. Flared jeans. We’re betting you never threw away your flared jeans. Take a cue from Claudia Schiffer, Elle McPherson, and Zoe Zalda and try them on again this season.

Any tips you’d like to share or comment on?


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